Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Midwestern elitist speaks out...

So our favorite political ‘genius’ Karl Rove went to the OxyRush Limbaugh show and explained just WHY I despise Dubya so much. It’s all cleared up now. The scales have fallen from my eyes! I’m an elitist! I’m effete! I can’t stand people with common sense! I hate Middle American values! I’m not a voracious reader with a passion for history, otherwise I’d probably realize just how good we’ve got it!

If you’ll look to the profile thingie on the side there, some people might think Rockford Illinois is somewhere in the neighborhood of middle America. I look around at what’s left of a small city that used to rely on a manufacturing economy and mostly what I see are ‘For Lease’ signs in the industrial parks. I see a crowded unemployment office with very few jobs posted that pay more than ten bucks an hour. I see house for sale signs all over the place. I see decent apartments costing 600 a month. I see companies that pay enough for someone to live in these apartments lowering wages and breaking unions so the already rich owners can afford a second or third Lexus (or that Ferrari they’ve had their eye on). I see older people trying to live on Social Security they’ve paid into their whole lives, people who don’t use a lot of prescription drugs, paying 100+ dollars a month they didn’t need to spend on insurance that is required for them to have. Good old Midwestern, common sense values.

Apparently Karl thinks Middle American values are:

Taxation without Representation.

Kicking the weakest people when they are down.

Making sure industries that make billion dollar profits get the government handouts they deserve.

Lowering the tax base even further so the poor exploited millionaires don’t have to settle for a 150 foot yacht when they really want a 200 footer.

Ensuring that only the ‘right’ people can vote without a hassle.

George W. Bush definitely represents Middle America too. I know many, many people who got legacy admissions into Harvard and Yale. Half the people I know have their failing businesses propped up by their Dad’s rich friends for political favors. I wish people would quit bugging me to accept sweetheart deals on baseball teams just so I can make multi-million dollar profits. You hear it in bars all the time ‘Man, if someone threatened MY Dad I’d lie my ass off so I could send in the US military to kick his ass!’ The standard 9 weeks paid vacation per year is just an accepted fact here.

Fuck you Karl Rove.

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